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The newfound residence of some random person on the internet.

My username in full is Barrel O' Fish In A Bucket, but I shorten it to Bofiab for the sanity of everyone around. If you're curious about how the name came to be, it's quite simple: my best friend said it out loud once, and I totally stole it from him later on. He doesn't mind.

This is most likely going to be a dumping ground for my many projects, as well as the occasional, random thought. I possess a number of random skills that should probably be shared with others, and it is always good to get more writing practice in. This is also a learning experience in web development, so please do mind any errors.

Content you're likely going to run into here involves ROM hacking, loom knitting, loop braiding, and whatever I happen to be doing or thinking about at the time. We'll all have to see, really. I'm still not even sure what I'm doing with this. Also note that I and the content I create can be fairly foulmouthed at times (though not consciously offensive). If that's not to your liking, apologies in advance.

In case anyone has questions or gets ideas since I've mentioned ROM hacking, no, I will not host ROMs or tell you where to locate them. That's what search engines are for.

Oh, and a hearty shout-out to bestmotherfucking.website-from which I've taken a good chunk of inspiration from.

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